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Hearing Test and Hearing Aid Fitting

Speech and Voice Therapy

Neonatal Hearing Screening

Audiology Services

  • Hearing assessments and reports
  • Diagnostic hearing tests
  • Implantable devices -  Cochlear implants
  • Pre-School Hearing Screening
  • Medicolegal Report

Speech Language Services

  • Speech disorders and Language delays
  • Stuttering
  • Communication disorder due to stroke or head injuries
  • Feeding  difficulties
  •  Sucking and Swallowing difficulties
  • Learning difficulties - Reading and Speech

Cochlear implant

A cochlear implant is an electronic hearing device designed to bypass the damaged parts of the inner ear by electrically stimulating the hearing nerve. The nerve then sends a signal to the brain where it is interpreted as sound. Cochlear implants provide an important option for children and adults who gain little or no benefit from hearing aids

Industrial Hearing Test

Hearing damage is a real and unfortunate effect of long-term exposure to loud noise. Noise is a hazard of industrial workers and workers of any occupation who are repeatedly exposed to loud noises. This may include individuals who work in factories, construction sites, mine workers, musicians and airport personnel.

Audiology Centre

Keeping in view the great need for better Audiological facilities, T maluleke audiology Centre was established to improve the quality of life for the people with hearing difficulties.

 We understand the vital role of communication in our day-to-day living, and hearing is the most basic way we communicate. It’s through our hearing, that we enjoy laughter, and conversations with our friends and family.

Speech Therapy

The benefits of speech therapy go beyond improving a child’s ability to understand and use language. Communication is very important to other areas of development, like cognitive development and social and emotional development. 

As the child learns to better express themselves, the benefits can be seen in many other aspects of their life and development

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Hearing Aid Styles

T Maluleke speech and audiology center offers a wide range of technology and a host of features are available in each hearing aid style. The cost of hearing aids generally depends on the technology and the number of features the instrument has and not necessarily on the style selected.

Today's digital hearing aids are typically offered in various technology levels, such as basic, entry, advanced, or premium level.

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Speech Therapy - What you need to know

Speech therapists assist babies, children and adults with speech, language, voice and/or feeding difficulties:

  • Communication difficulties
    • Speech: Difficulties in pronouncing and articulating sounds and words.
    • Language: Struggling to understand or produce language (e.g. sentences, stories) in written or verbal format.
    • Voice: Cannot produce voice or voice quality is poor, e.g. hoarse.
  • Feeding difficulties
    • Struggling to suck, chew and/or swallow.

These communication and/or feeding difficulties may be caused by various medical conditions, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, oral-facial abnormalities (e.g. cleft lip/palate), cerebral palsy and/or other neurological conditions, oral / laryngeal cancer, etc.

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